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It helps to have an example of each style of jet at hand when reading this explanation. The main jet controls the amount of fuel when you’re at about 80% to a wide-open throttle; The pilot jet controls the fuel level when you’re at idle to roughly 20% throttle.
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    OK folks, here’s the full meal deal on Mikuni main jets.

  • the more throttle, the bigger the area for fuel flow from the main jet.
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    In summary, the main jet is a critical carburetor component that controls the fuel at high.

  • Mar 27, 2018 · Possessing an understanding of how to tune carburetor jets can take a rough running engine and turn it into a powerhouse-piece that can provide consistent performance pass after pass.
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    If testing for speed work, ensure the main jet size is sufficient for the mixture to be rich enough to keep the engine.

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    Signs your main jet is too small/lean: Bogging on full throttle acceleration; Your dirt bike overheats while riding at high RPM.